Friday, August 14, 2009

About Thrifty DC Cook

In Fountain Valley, Ca where I grew up, there was a store called "Thrifty’s" that had an ice cream counter that sold ice cream for 20 cents a scoop. The word “thrifty” means more to me than cheap or frugal. It brings back memories of BBQ & pool parties, of kids playing hide&seek using the entire street as the territory, and where I rode my pink, banana-seat bike with my friends to Thrifty’s for a scoop of ice cream.

The main idea for this blog came from a memory of one particular family dinner. My parents asked my brother and I to breakdown the cost of the dinner: chicken $3, potatoes $2, salad $1.50. They wanted us to understand the cost difference between eating at home and eating at a restaurant. My parents were very conscientious about teaching us good values and to some extent, everything I write is a tribute to them.

A big reason I enjoy writing about food is because I always find that talking about food brings out the best stories from people. Everyone I know has a good story about food they cooked, restaurants they visited while on vacation, or memories of something their grandmother made for them. Food makes people happy and I simply love that.

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  1. Thrifty's had the BEST ice cream. You could seriously get three scoops for 60 cents, Thrify DC Cook is not lying people. I definitely love your premise, I'm glad The Relentless Bride shared your seafood affair and directed me to your site!